Customized Flight Training Designed To Help You and Your Business Leverage The Power Of Today’s Unmanned Aircraft.

The increasing power and declining cost of drones available today are creating new uses daily for real estate, law enforcement, search and rescue, entertainment, and surveillance.   While UAVs may be easier to fly, they still require a great deal of knowledge, confidence, and practice – especially if you’re looking to take advantage of the autonomous functionality of tools and software solutions like DJI Go, Autopilot,  Drone Deploy, etc..

Based upon your specific needs, we will customize partial day, full day, and weekend long training sessions with our expert flight instructors.   We use both indoor classroom training along with hands on outdoor training to ensure you walk away knowing exactly how to do what you want for your clients and customers.  We’ll walk you through equipment configuration, settings, pre-flight set-up, and then live training at your or our locations.

Our students have included:

  • Real Estate Agents / Companies Using UAVs for Video / Photo Shoots.
  • Police and Fire Departments building out UAV based Search and Rescue and
  • Golf courses and other entertainment locations that want to use UAVs for capturing video and image of events and their location.
  • Construction and Surveillance organizations looking to automate the missions flown by their quadcopters.
  • Aerial videography and photography companies looking to take their flight efforts to the next level

Hangar’s (previously Autoflight Logic) Autopilot solution is the number one rated 3rd party solution for DJI’s Phantom, Inspire, and Mavic.
While thousands have learned to fly using Autopilot via the detailed how-to videos that are available, there are many pilots that prefer face to face training.

Fortunately, one of our expert trainers is the actual “voice of Autopilot” – having created all the how-to videos for Autopilot.

All of the following tutorials for Autopilot were created by Cloud View Productions.
Learn hands-on straight from one of the most experienced Autopilot users out there.


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“Eric is one of the few a-players I have ever known in my life. That is someone who I can give very little instruction to and get a result that is as good or better than what I would have done myself. In other words, adding more energy into the equation.”

Jim McAndrew, Founder / CEO of Autoflight Logic